Twinwood is a product whose aim is to present itself as a real alternative to the use of natural wood for decks and outdoor applications.
Being a composite of organic fibers and polyvinyl chloride one can say that the Twinwood is 100% recyclable, is manufactured by “clean” extrusion processes and it does not have any natural wood extracts or derivatives in its composition. It is actually a green eco-friendly option.

With or without finish, Twinwood has the necessary UV protection and, when one of our finishes is applied, it gets a final look even more similar to natural wood.
The main goal behind the development of this product was both finding a product whose appearance was so similar to wood that could easily be mistaken for the same and that its commercialization was advantageous for the end user.
In addition to the inherent environmental aspects, one of the major drawbacks of the use of wood is that it requires maintenance. In fact, no matter the type of wood considered the maintenance is always essential (more or less depending on the type of wood used). If there is no maintenance or if it’s not made in due time, the natural wood will tend to present a degraded appearance after a short period of time. Other than the maintenance issue there’s also other aspects that do not benefit the option for natural wood as, for example, the cracks, the splinters, complete loss of its original colour, etc.
The Twinwood becomes, thus, a really interesting substitute because, not only it will look like natural wood, but it is also not as demanding in terms of maintenance, it resists most stains and it never deteriorates (whatever the environment in which it is installed). Being anti-slippery and free from cracks and splinters it is also completely safe even for small children.
We can say that Twinwood results in a good investment without any restrictions both at visual level and of integration into any environment. All of the above without forgetting the environmental aspect whose importance is, and should keep on being, increasingly valued.